Safety in A Multigenerational Work Place

Safety in A Multigenerational Work Place

Safety in the workplace faces many challenges, whether it be a new process introducing new hazards or maybe new regulations your organization needs to adapt to. As many of these situations vary depending on your industry, one issue facing everyone is the generational gap and how it effects an organization’s safety culture. Every generation has their strengths as well as their weaknesses and it is imperative that we recognize these and devise a plan that will not only work, but be widely accepted as a whole.

It all starts with understanding how to effectively communicate with one another. A Baby Boomer for instance might want an informational handout on the latest program or policy, whereas a millennial may prefer a more interactive web based approach. Understanding this and devising broad based strategies is going to be a key component in developing an effective safety atmosphere.

So how is it that we blend these differences and use it to help improve our safety environment? One way we can do this is by developing multigenerational safety teams, this approach has been taken by many organizations and has proven to be an extremely effective tool. A combination of taking real life experiences from one generation and pairing them with new innovative ideas and ways of conveying the safety message tends to reach more people in a more positive manner. This allows for a larger acceptance of safety policy, which in turn ultimately leads to a safer work place.

No matter what generation you are from, ultimately it all boils down to understanding the importance of safety. Everyone probably knows of a safety incident that has changed someone’s life. It is from these real-life experiences that TOGETHER we all should strive to make each work day safer than the last.

Justin Zehel Safety Director A Chappa Construction